Making a Difference

One life at a time

Making a Difference

One life at a time

Some of our projects

Well Drilling Equipment

Partnering with African Heartwood Project.  We built a well drilling rig in California.  Working with our partners at Firestone, the rig was shipped to Liberia in 2018 , 13  wells were drilled in impoverished areas around Monrovia.

Eye Equipment

Vital eye surgical equipment has been provided to clinics in Liberia.  In 2018, a lens grinder and more than 8,000 pairs of eye glasses were delivered.

X-ray Equipment

X-ray equipment, including fixed and portable X-ray machines and fluoroscopy machines have been delivered and are in use.

Surgical Equipment

Surgical and medical equipment, including ventilators, anesthesia machines, surgical lights, instruments, surgical tables and gurneys are now in daily use in many countries.

Hospital Beds

Hospital beds, oxygen concentrators, incubators, ultrasound machines, and other vital medical equipment have been provided.

Medical Supplies

Dozens of containers of donated medical supplies and soft goods, including isolation gowns, gloves, oxygen concentrators, linens, IV supplies, nutritional supplements, and other goods have been delivered.

Who We Are

How it all began


On a surgical mission trip to Liberia with Children's Surgery International, our founder was moved to action by the lack of modern medical equipment. 

The infrastructure of Liberia, emerging from fourteen years of crisis, had been essentially destroyed. The mission group brought much of the equipment needed, but also took that equipment home with them when they left. This meant, unfortunately, that the Liberian surgeons were unable to perform some of the very procedures that the mission group went there to teach them.  

Our History

Our founder approached the president of Firestone Natural Rubber, the largest employer in Liberia. The president of Firestone agreed to cover shipping costs for any medical equipment that could be located and made available to Liberia.

Foundational to this discussion was the knowledge that much of our US hospital's “obsolete” but fully functional, equipment, could be donated to impoverished countries, in order to help modernize their medical facilities. 

Our Mission

In cooperation with another wonderful organizations, Project Save. All this equipment came from storage facilities at US hospitals. In all cases, the equipment had been taken out of service and was being stored, awaiting final disposition.   

International Medical Project continues to work with many other facilities across the country to improve the availability of modern equipment and supplies. that make a long-lasting difference.

Clean Water Project

This drilling rig was used to successfully drill 13 wells, to provide safe drinking water, in the spring of 2018.  The cost to build a rig and provide drill pipe is approximately $10,000.  This is our goal.

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